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To Receive happiness, start giving it and see it return to you multiplied. ~Ujjwal Narayan Uke.


3 Tier USP Camp

Announcing 3 Tier USP Camp.


If you are hard pressed for time and yet would like to initiate on the path of achieving your dreams and goals the silver module is the first choice.


Are you someone who is stuck up in some area of his or her life and want to move ahead and are looking for permanent logical solutions then Gold Module is for you.


People who are seeking complete individual tailor made solutions and are looking forward to zoom to success, the Platinum module the right choice for them. This is the complete course.

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Our Workshops

Training in the USP™ (Ujjwal’s System of Posititvity) is imparted by way of specialized courses held in camps. The training consists of theory as well as practical aspects. From understanding the basic biology of our mind and body to the logical sequencing of thoughts and reality, from evolution to quantum, the course covers all the topics related to bringing happiness, peace, freedom and good health in our lives. A personal consultation session is also conducted, which helps participants to devise their individual strategy.

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USP™ Boot Camp: Two Days and 30 Minutes Workshop

A scientific and logical approach on the biology of mind.

We all have been using our body since we were born and in school we learnt about our different organs and their functions. Similarly USP™ (Ujjwal’s System of Posititvity) theory is about understanding the biology of your mind and how it functions. Many great people / scriptures from history have been trying to tell the power of sub-conscious mind…however it’s all mostly a cryptic code…hard to wrap one’s head around. Well USP™ breaks it all down in refreshingly simple and logical pieces that are easy to grasp and most importantly concentrates on application of this power.

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One Day USP™ camp

The USP™ One Day Camp is like a compact course for flying an aircraft on your own! It’s well suited for larger group such as corporates and clubs.

One-day USP™ Workshop covers all the main topics present in capsule size doses. The objective to learn the techniques of using your sub-conscious for achieving Better Health & Peace of Mind is delivered.

Participants definitely take home a new zeal for life and a changed thinking process.

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Imagine the application of the theory by the youth at an age when there is no baggage- almost a clean slate. Building the next generation, let’s empower the teens with the USP™ theory!

USP™ POSI-TEENS Workshop is designed to empower the ‘Teenagers’, the GenNext, the future of Human Race with the power of sub-conscious mind. Focus of this workshop is to build the a culture of RESPECT, HONOR and DIGNITY.

Along with the basic USP™ Theory, this workshop helps the teenagers to deal with the follwoing with clarity and confidence:

  • Studies
  • Career
  • Peer Pressure
  • Physical & Psychological Changes
  • Ambitions

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Corporate Workshops

The success of any organization depends on the overall efficiency of its personnel.

Participation in an organization, and the move towards achieving its goals can be affected in a major way, by the mindset of the employees. A person who manages to have the right work-life balance, will not only be happy, and physically healthy, but his happiness and health will act as tremendous efficiency multipliers in his work place. USP™ combined with another innovation of Mr. Uke ‘Continuous Course Correction’ , provides a powerful tool for individuals to shape and create their reality, without running into dead ends or losing sight of the goals.

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Civil Services Workshop

Gear up to crack the main exam!

Genie Club has organised a five day tailormade training program for IAS aspirants that guides you smoothly to the next level of qualifying rounds. Specially designed by Mr. Ujjwal Uke, himself a mind grooming expert and IAS officer, the workshop gives you precise and studied inputs on preparing for the main exam.
Get qualified for an immensely responsible and respected career in the Indian Administrative Services.

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USP™ Work-Life Balance workshop

Are you living the Murphy’s laws at work?
No matter how much you do, you never do enough.

Jokes apart, if you are finding it difficult to cope with the pressures at work, the hard-to-please Boss or are just bogged down by your own negative thoughts, maybe it is time to tune in to your winning frequencies!

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With utmost respect and gratitude Parul Malik (proprietrix) from CELEBRATE LIFE a wellness company would like to thank Genie Club team for conducting the workshop on POSITIVITY. Thanks for helping me to unleash the genie within me. I attended the workshop in Bangalore where I was able to connect and walk inwards. The workshop helped me to introspect and take the journey within. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking to be groomed INTERNALLY because key to success is “CONFIDENCE WITHIN” which can be explored to the maximum in this USP workshop.
My Dream has come true. Jab maine Genie Club kaa course kiya toh Hanuman ko Chartered Plane kaa aadesh diya, and it has worked for me within two months! Now I am a pilot and own my own plane! Thank you Genie Club, and Uke sir.
Pritam Shah
Dear Genies, I am happy to share yet another Positive Experience Small incidence, but 100% due to Affirmation.
Milind Madhukar Bibikar
My today's experience, there ws Practical of university today n my almost all study was incomplete.
Pradnya Dnyaneshwar Rane

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