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To Receive happiness, start giving it and see it return to you multiplied. ~Ujjwal Narayan Uke.



    With utmost respect and gratitude Parul Malik (proprietrix) from CELEBRATE LIFE a wellness company would like to thank Genie Club team for conducting the workshop on POSITIVITY. Thanks for helping me to unleash the genie within me. I attended the workshop in Bangalore where I was able to connect and walk inwards. The workshop helped me to introspect and take the journey within. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking to be groomed INTERNALLY because key to success is “CONFIDENCE WITHIN” which can be explored to the maximum in this USP workshop.
    My Dream has come true. Jab maine Genie Club kaa course kiya toh Hanuman ko Chartered Plane kaa aadesh diya, and it has worked for me within two months! Now I am a pilot and own my own plane! Thank you Genie Club, and Uke sir.
    Pritam Shah
    Dear Genies, I am happy to share yet another Positive Experience Small incidence, but 100% due to Affirmation.
    Milind Madhukar Bibikar
    My today's experience, there ws Practical of university today n my almost all study was incomplete.
    Pradnya Dnyaneshwar Rane

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